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Landscape Abstracts - by Steve Peterson

NOTE: this exhibit appeared in January 1999. Click here to visit the current showcase.

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Note: For best viewing, set your monitor to 16-bit color. These images have been prepared with a Gamma of 2.2, which is average for Windows monitor. If you are a Macintosh user, try to reduce the brightness on your monitor or, if you have PhotoShop, set the Gamma control panel to 2.2.
You may not download any images except for personal use on your personal computer or if you will be posting them on your personal, non-commercial website. If you do post them on your personal, non-commercial website, you must provide a link to this site and a notice that the images may not be further copied from your personal website. The images cannot be further distributed in any way.

Please click on one of the following thumbnails to see a larger image. Use the Back button in your browser to return to this screen and select another image.

Virgin River walk

Blue Rock

Taken in Zion N. P., Utah, along the Virgin River walk
4X5 view camera.

Crystal Geyser, Green River


Crystal Geyser, Green River, UT,
6x7 format

Cedar Breaks

Blue Ice

Cedar Breaks area, UT,
6x7 format

Oregon coast

Lily Pads

Oregon coast,
6x7 format

Horseshoe Bend


Horseshoe Bend, Page AZ.
4X5 view camera

Buckskin Gulch

Mud 1

Buckskin Gulch, UT,
4X5 view camera

Buckskin Gulch

Mud 2

Buckskin Gulch, UT,
4X5 view camera

Rio Grande, Albuquerque

Mud 3

Rio Grande, Albuquerque, N. M.,
6 x 7 format

Yellowstone Park

Hot Spring

Yellowstone Park, WY,
6 x 7 format

Oregon coast


Rock Eye

Oregon coast,
6 x 7 format


Blue mud

Churchwells UT,
4X5 view camera

Arches national park

Pink Rocks

Arches N.P., UT,
6 x 7 format

Central Oregon

Basalt and Lichens

Central Oregon,
6 x 7 format

Colorado River near Moab


Colorado River near Moab, UT,
4X5 view camera

Zion National Park


Zion N. P., UT,
4X5 view camera

About the Photographer:

I have been photographing for 48 years. My educational background includes advanced degrees in biophysicalchemistry, electrical engineering and zoophysiology. I currently work as a self-employed biomedical/electrical engineer. Other interests include ham radio, astronomy, hiking and cooking. Along the way I have participated in photo workshops with Al Weber, Cole Weston, Judy Dater, Tom Till, Bill Salmon, Bruce Barnbaum, Don Kirby, Jay Dusard, Joe Englander and have learned much from Scott Walton.
My first camera was a medium format Zeiss Ikonta with a slightly chipped f 2.8 Tessar. Serious photography started in college using 35 mm equipment. Cameras included Kodak Retina reflex, Exacta, Canon rangefinder, Leica M2, and Minolta SRT-101s. I still use the Minoltas and have added XK and X-700 bodies to the collection. A 4 X 5 monorail camera was purchased in the late 70's but not used extensively. A medium format Pentax 67 system was purchased about five years ago and was used for about half of the photos displayed here. Lenses range from 45 mm to 200 mm. The older 4X5 was sold and replaced with a Toyo field camera that was used for most of the other photos. Lenses range from 65 mm to 360 mm.
Frustrated by almost never seeing a "Clearing Storm over Yosemite" or "Moonrise over Hernandez", I started seeking my own achievable, visualization of nature. That frustration caused me to start looking at the smaller details of nature's beauty. I started what I call "Roadside Attractions", the series shown here. I enjoy abstracts, often puzzling to the viewer (I feel especially successful if my mother asks, "What is that?"). I shoot mostly color but am trying to do more black and white. I am especially inspired by the B&W work of Minor White, Al Weber, Brett Weston, and Bruce Barnbaum.

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