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In the Spirit of Nature - by Bert and Mary Anne Sirkin

NOTE: this exhibit appeared in February 2001. Click here to visit the current showcase.

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Mt Rundle

Mount Rundle is a remarkably obvious landmark in Banff, Alberta, Canada. It is probably one of the most photographed landmarks in the area. This picture was taken at dawn (about 4:40am) and it captures the warmth of the sunset contrasted by the cold starkness of the mountain.





Jumbo Rocks


This was taken at Joshua Tree National Park in an area called "Jumbo Rocks". The area is aptly named, as there are large rocks that appear to be piled upon each other in some sort of organized chaos. The rocks have incredible texture.





Dry Lake Bed


This dry lake bed was taken in the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife refuge.  We went there "out of season" in September and, although there was a fair amount of birds, the dry lake bed turned out to be my favorite subject there.  

The "tufts" of earth in the picture were about 6 or 7 inches high and separated by about 3 or 4 inches, making it tough to walk on.  But the biggest problem was the mosquitoes!  Although there was no standing water there, the mosquitoes were everywhere.





Everglades Dawn

The Everglades is one of my favorite places.  This was taken in Everglades National Park, near the main entrance at an area called Royal Palm.  It was taken a few minutes after dawn.  





Birdseye View


This great blue heron was taken in Everglades National Park (main entrance - near Homestead, FL).  It was about a half hour after dawn and I was photographing an egret with a 300mm lens when this heron flew up behind me on the railing of the boardwalk.  I swung around and was able to get this close-up shot with the warm morning light.  





Sonoma Cow


The landscape between Sonoma, California and the coast is continuous lush green among the rolling hills.  This is farm country and is as a beautiful countryside as I could imagine.  I was driving by and hit the brakes as the tree in the picture caught my eye.  Then I saw the cow.  This must be cow heaven! 





Joshua Tree


This was taken at Joshua Tree National Park in an area called "Jumbo Rocks" about an hour before sunset. The positioning of the tree and unusual vertical rock caught my eye.





Barred Owl

This picture of a Barred Owl was taken in Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary near Naples, Florida.

This Barred Owl was flying back and forth between several trees eating, what appeared to be, grasshoppers.  





Autumn Leaves

This was taken on a rainy autumn day in Vermont. I love the textures and many shades of green.  





Newport Sunset


This was taken at Beaver Tail State Park in Jamestown, RI (close to Newport, RI) at sunset.  





Snow Canyon Dunes

This was taken en a beautiful Utah State Park just a few miles north-west of St. George Utah.  We only got to spend an hour or so there, but was awed by the scenery.  Besides this sand dune there is a diversity of landscape subjects.  

In the foreground, you can see the "critter" trails.  It looks like a very busy place at night.





White Sands NM

Parts of White Sands National Monument are quite bare of vegetation.  Other parts have lots of vegetation.  Here's an interesting shot of a high dune with a single yucca at the top. The low-angle light gave nice texture to the white "sand".

The "sand" at White Sands isn't sand at all - but is gypsum (wall board).  The dunes have a somewhat sweet smell to them and rain has made the surface very textured, as evidenced in this picture.





American Purple Gallinule

This was taken in Everglades National Park at the "Anhinga Trail".  This Gallinule made a surprise visit - the first one we had ever seen.  He (she??) walked across the water plants with it's incredibly large yellow feet looking for food.  It was out in the open sun, midday and I was caught with slow film and had to shoot with a 600mm lens at f16/22 (small aperture required for minimal depth of field at the close distance).  This required the Gallinule to remain perfectly still for each exposure of about 1/20 second.  The slight breeze caused motion in some of the plants in the picture, but in this shot, the Gallinule remained still long enough to stay reasonably sharp.





Great White Egret

This great Egret was taken in Everglades National Park at the "Anhinga Trail" (main entrance - near Homestead, FL) about a half hour after dawn.  I was lucky enough to get it preening it's feathers in the warm early morning light.





Olympic National Park

This was taken in the Lake Quinault rainforest area of Olympic National Park.  It's a magnificent forest where it rains a LOT.  The magnificent trees and many shades of green is awe-inspiring.  







This butterfly was taken with the camera hand-held with a diffused small flash and a macro lens.  It was taken at Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, Florida.

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Please note: All images featured in the "In the Spirit of Nature" showcase are Copyright © Bert Sirkin, all rights reserved. These images are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and may not be used or reproduced without permission. For licensing and usage information, or to order prints, please contact Bert Sirkin at

About the Exhibit: In the Spirit of Nature

We love nature and endeavor to photograph it so we can share our visions with others. These pictures are some of our favorite images. We hope you enjoy them.

To view more photographs, visit: Photography!. We would enjoy hearing your feedback:

About the Photographers: Bert  & Mary Anne Sirkin

Bert & Mary Anne Sirkin reside in West Hartford, CT.  We specialize in 35mm nature photography and are passionate about their work.  Bert is the technician and Mary Anne is the scout.  Together, we seek out visions of nature that hopefully will inspire others as much as we ourselves have been inspired.  Traveling to various areas of North America several times per year, we embark on "discovery" treks, that take us into some pretty unusual places.

Waking up at 4:00am or earlier is not unusual for us so we can catch "first light". Our favorite time of day is dawn.  Although there is similar light at dusk that we also appreciate, there is something very special about being up at dawn.  We can appreciate nature on it's own level at dawn - something not possible at dusk in most places with crowds of people.

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