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Variations on the Wave
a collaborative work featuring photography by Laurent Martres, Gene Mezereny, Steve Peterson, Kerry Thalmann and Scott Walton.

NOTE: this exhibit appeared in April 2000. Click here to visit the current showcase.

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entering the Wave

Entering the Wave, by Laurent Martres

The Wave from the top

The Wave, from below Top Rock, by Laurent Martres

Wave reflection

Wave Reflection, by Laurent Martres

Wave striations 1

Striations1, by Laurent Martres

Wave striations 2

Striations2, by Laurent Martres

Second Wave 1

Second Wave, by Laurent Martres

The Second Wave 2

Second Wave 2, by Laurent Martres

Escargot crossing the Wave

Escargot, by Laurent Martres

The Wave

Leapfrog, by Gene Mezereny

The Wave

Surfing, by Gene Mezereny

The Wave

Rush Hour, by Gene Mezereny

The Wave

Saddle, by Steve Peterson

The Wave

Arc, by Steve Peterson

The Wave

Swirl, by Steve Peterson

The Wave

The Wave - Detail, by Kerry Thalmann

The Wave

Sandstone Swirls #1, by Kerry Thalmann

Coyotte Buttes

Coyotte Buttes, by Kerry Thalmann

On the Way to the Wave

On the Way to the Wave, by Kerry Thalmann

the Wave

Sandstone Swirls #2, by Kerry Thalmann

Coyotte Buttes

Coyote Buttes, below Top Rock, by Scott Walton

the Wave

On the Crest of The Wave, by Scott Walton

the Wave

Looking North from The Wave, by Scott Walton

the Wave

Reflections, The Wave, by Scott Walton

the Wave

Narrow Passage into The Wave, by Scott Walton

About the Wave:

If you are into Landscape photography and like the American West, chances are you've already come accross images of the extraordinary twisted formations lying in the Northern Arizona desert, often referred to as The Wave. Perhaps, your eye has been caught by one of this magical shapes and you've wondered where such incredible formations could be. For a long time, little was known about the Wave and some visitors made it a point not to reveal its exact location. However, in this day and age of massive dissemination of just about any little piece of information, the secret is finally out, fueled by the intense desire of many to experience on their own what they've seen in photography.

Much as Antelope Canyon has become the new darling of pro and amateur photographers the world over, the Wave is in serious danger of becoming a new icon of adventuring in the West, or at least it would be... if it were not protected by a stringent quota system restricting visitation to 10 permits a day.

If you want to visit the Coyote Buttes, you'll have to apply for a permit and probably build your trip around the available dates. You may find this quota too limitating, but at least you'll be guaranteed an enjoyable experience in relative solitude and hopefully your visit will leave almost no impact on the fragile ecosystem of the Buttes. Compare that with the crowds that swamp other landmarks of the West such as Antelope Canyon or Delicate Arch and praise the BLM for its responsible attitude in protecting this fragile jewel from unrestrained visitation.

About the Exhibit:

At night, the Coyote Buttes lie dormant, silent guardians of the mineral world. During the day, they bask in the beautiful light of the Colorado Plateau offering tantalizing shapes and reflections to our eyes. The Wave is the freakish product of millions of years of erosion, which have left a gracefully-eroded landscape of colorful and fluid curves, causing us to produce the metaphor of the Wave. The Wave has been in its current form long before the human species appeared and chances are that it will remain long after our species is gone or evolved. Yet, we all react to the Wave very differently, as human beings and photographers. Our individual beliefs, rational constructs of the universe and artistic sensibilities let us see and interpret the landscape in very different ways. Some like a bigger picture, some prefer the fine details, others view a long ribbon of stone, some view abstract forms and shapes. I am fascinated by the way people feel and react to the "Wave" and I wanted to bring you these different visions. So here it is, the Wave through the eyes and lenses of several photographers. Enjoy.

-Laurent Martres, April 99

About the Photographers:

Find photos of the Southwest and Colorado Plateau in Land of the Canyons and Photographing the Southwest, the Photo Trip USA landscape photography guidebooks by Laurent Martres.

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