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Monument Valley

NOTE: this exhibit appeared in May 1998. Click here to visit the current showcase.

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Note: For best viewing, set your monitor to 16-bit color.
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Agathla Peak in Winter
better known as El Capitan, this gigantic monolith of volcanic origin is seen here after a fresh dusting of snow, looking toward Kayenta


Artist Point
a spectacular view of the Valley from the high vantage point, best in the early morning


Goosenecks State Park
5 miles of meanders in 1 mile of space; a geological phenomenon defiying imagination


The Hub
with Navajo Hogans in the foreground and Weatherhill Mesa in the background


Sunset on Mitchell Butte
If you are lucky enough to have clouds in the west, you'll be rewarded with amazing sunsets


North Window
this spot provides an interesting natural framing of Merrick Butte and the Mittens


View from the North
dropping down into the Valley from Mexican Hat, this is the classic view immortalized in "Electra Glide in Blue"


Sunrise on Sentinel Mesa
coming from Goulding's Trading Post


Valley of the Gods
a rewarding 17-mile loop north of Monument Valley


West Mitten at dawn
the first rays of the sun lit up bright red this most famous of all buttes


West Mitten from the floor of the Valley


The Totem Pole & Yei-bi-chei
the Totem Pole and a formation called Yei-bi-chei are one of the highlights of the park


Agathla Peak in Summer
this is a Summer view of previously-seem Agathla Peak, looking northeast


an amazing volcanix plug; you can see Agathla Peak in the background


Hunt's Mesa Afternoon
you ain't seen Monument Valley till you've been on Hunt's Mesa, the most outstanding view of all


Hunt's Mesa Evening Light
spending the night on Hunt's Mesa is a magical experience


Hidden Arch on Hunt's Mesa
plenty of arches can be found between Mystery Valley and Hunt's Mesa


Full Moon Arch in Mystery Valley


Ancient Puebloan Ruin in Mystery Valley
there are some outstanding Puebloan dwellings and petroglyphs throughout Mystery Valley


Tear Drop Arch at dusk
this beautiful arch near Goulding's is best photographed in the early evening

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