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Visions of Lake Powell

a collaborative work, featuring photography by Laurent Martres, Gene Mezereny, Steve Berlin and Scott Walton

NOTE: this exhibit appeared in May 1999. Click here to visit the current showcase.

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Lake Powell

Storm rising on Lake Powell, by Scott Walton


Serenity, by Steve Berlin

Whaweep Marina

Whaweep Marina Panorama, by Laurent Martres

Gunsight Bay from Romana Mesa

Gunsight Bay from Romana Mesa, by Laurent Martres

Gunsight Bay, Kaiporowits Plateau

Gunsight Bay, looking at the Kaiporowits Plateau, by Laurent Martres

Dominguez Butte

Dominguez Butte near the Crossing of the Fathers, by Laurent Martres

Padre Bay

Padre Bay at dusk with Navajo Mountain in the background, by Laurent Martres

Padre Bay

Padre Bay Sunset Panorama, by Laurent Martres


Evening Storm on bluffs near Page, by Laurent Martres

Hite Marina

Petrified Dunes near Hite Marina, by Laurent Martres

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge, by Laurent Martres

Hall's Crossing

Quiet morning at Hall's Crossing, by Gene Mezereny

Lake Powell

Moonrise over Lake Powell, by Laurent Martres

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About the Exhibit:

Gene Mezereny came up with the idea for this collaborative Showcase. A store manager at REI and avid outdoorsman, Gene has kayaked and canoed Lake Powell several times and is offering us a seldom seen vision of the Lake. I also marshalled a "classic" image from Scott Walton and Steve Berlin's delightful "Serenity" to illustrate both the grand and intimate landscape. My own contributions document a few of the hot spots on the lake.

-Laurent Martres, May 99

About the Photographers:

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