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Canyonlands, Photography by Laurent Martrès

NOTE: this exhibit appeared in June 1998. Click here to visit the current showcase.

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Note: For best viewing, set your monitor to 16-bit color. You may not download any images unless you will be posting them on your personal, non-commercial website. If you do post them on your personal, non-commercial website, you must provide a link to this site and a notice that the images may not be further copied from your personal website. The images cannot be further distributed in any way. If you like these compressed images, you should see them full-size and in high-resolution. You can find them, among many others, on our images of the Southwest CD-ROMs. If you have great images of the West which you'd like to show to the world, please contact us


Aerial view of Chesler Park

The confluence of the Green and the Colorado River


Island in the sky at dawn seen from Dead Horse Point


Island in the Sky


Dead Horse Point at sunset


Looking at Island in the Sky from Dead Horse Point


Dead Horse Point at dawn


Island in the Sky at sunset


The Manti La Sal Mountains at dusk, seen from Elephant Hill

Mesa Arch at sunrise... and the arch is on fire!


A side view of the arch lit by the sun


The Needles - a close up view of the spires.


The Needles - a wider panorama seen at daybreak from Elephant Trail


Newspaper Rock


Newspaper Rock


Paul Bunyan's Potty


The Pothole Trail

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