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The Colorado Plateau - by Denis Savouray

NOTE: this exhibit appeared in July 1999. Click here to visit the current showcase.

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The Wave

Double face

In this shot of the "Wave" in Northeastern Arizona, the rock walls appear to be reflecting one another.

The Subway


The strong wind blowing in my ears in the so called "Subway" reminded me of a train zipping by a station without stopping.

Arches national park

Arch Tree

I love the close proximity of this old tree to the Arch.

Arches national park

The Courthouse

I was attracted by the matching triangular shapes of the Courthouse and the shadow at the bottom.

Gunsight bay

Gunsight Bay close-up

I had been to this spot a year before. I arrived early hoping for good light but my hopes were dashed by a persistent cloud cover. I deceided to leave and had already drive two miles when the sun suddenly broke. I rushed back as fast as I could on the dirt road and was rewarded by this spectacular light striking the rock face.

Gunsight Bay Panorama

Same location, wider angle.

Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon

An interesting hole in the rock wall of the lower section of Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon

This slot canyon is one of my favorite subjects in the West.

Courthouse Towers

Courthouse Flowers

Late spring bloom below the courthouse, in Arches Natl' Park.

Goblin Valley State Park

San Rafael Desert

I photographed these dunes with a very wide angle lens near Goblin Valley State Park

The Wave

The Wave

The main part of the Wave, seen from above.

The Wave

The Wave - White Beard

This is one unique spot that the X-Games don't need to know about.

Antelope Canyon

Spotlight on Antelope Canyon

At the right time of the day, a magical beam of light basks Antelope Canyon in a red glow.

The Wave

Wave Sunset

A low evening light accentuates the delicate curves of the Wave.

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About the Exhibit:

When Denis Savouray sent me some of his work for review last year, I was immediately taken by his eye for composition. Here was a young man with obvious talent, capable of producing awe-inspiring images. Upon further investigation, it became clear to me that Denis and I had one major thing in common (besides being French-born expatriates): while we were both interested in the technique and technology of photography, we were mostly driven by our boundless love and interest for natural settings, especially the Colorado Plateau. Our desire to capture landscapes on film was really a by-product of the sheer joy of "being there", to prolong the memories and enjoyment back home. That's what makes Denis' work so good. Infuse a heavy dose of love for your subject and watch the quality of your photography take off. In Denis' case, combine this with raw talent and technique and the possibilities are limitless. I hope you'll enjoy Denis' images as much as I do.

About the Photographer:

Denis Savouray was born and raised in France and is currently based in Memphis, Tennessee. A baker by trade, he's been working his way around the world to satisfy his thirst for adventure and natural settings. Most recently, Denis worked in New-Zealand and Australia. Of all the locations he's seen, Denis ranks the Colorado Plateau and the Island of Corsica as his favorites. He uses Canon EOS-1 bodies with a wide variety of lenses, except on visits to remote slot canyons where he relies on his trusted old Ricoh XRP.
You can see more of Denis's images on his
web site or e-mail him directly.

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