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The Photography of Scott Walton

NOTE: this exhibit appeared in September 1998. Click here to visit the current showcase.

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Note: For best viewing, set your monitor to 16-bit color. You may not download any images except for personal use on your personal computer or if you will be posting them on your personal, non-commercial website. If you do post them on your personal, non-commercial website, you must provide a link to this site and a notice that the images may not be further copied from your personal website. The images cannot be further distributed in any way. If you like these compressed images, you should see them full-size and in high-resolution. You can find them, among many others, on our Land of the Canyon CD-ROM. If you have great images of the West which you'd like to show to the world, please contact us

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Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, AZ

This large overhanging fin of sandstone is one of the most prominant features of Antelope Canyon. The image is taken looking straight up and is found about half way through the canyon.

Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon, AZ

Found toward the rear of Antelope Canyon and in one of the darker sections; this image illustrates the severe contrast ratio challenging the photographer.

Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon, UT

Despite the apparent contradiction; Sunset Point provides one of the best locations for sunrise photography in Bryce. The hoodoos are bathed in reflected light and seem almost to glow from within.

Buckskin Gulch

Buckskin Gulch, UT

While the rock walls of Buckskin Gulch are not blue and purple to the naked eye; reflected light combined with the reciprocity characteristics of film can produce some wonderful colors to enhance an abstract composition.

Antelope Canyon

Corkscrew light show, AZ

This image reveals the gorgeous tonal range that can be achieved inside Antelope Canyon.

Glen Canyon, AZ

The grandeur of this section of Glen Canyon just below the dam is truly breathtaking. As the Colorado River makes a lazy bend hundreds of feet below; the photographer needs an extremely wide lens to capture it all on film.

Grabd Canyon

Grand Canyon, AZ

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon offers solitude as well as spectacular sunsets.

Waterholes Canyon

Waterholes Canyon, AZ

Late afternoon light on the rim above Waterholes Canyon reveals pattern in light and shadow. After a day spent down in the canyon itself; save some time and film for this beautiful display.

The Wave


The Wave, AZ

Difficult to find and in a "permit only" area; 'The Wave' rewards the persistant photographer with sandstone formations not found anywhere else on Earth.

The Wave

The Wave, AZ

This spectacular formation is located in a remote area of Northern Arizona. The curved shape, color and smooth texture of the slickrock combine to form a remarkably sensual image.

Coyote Buttes

Coyote Buttes, AZ

For the lover of abstract details; Coyote Buttes offers unparalleled opportunities for creative expression.

The Pulpit, Zion Canyon

Zion Canyon, UT

The Pulpit stands as a monument in the northern end of Zion Canyon. The Spring snow melt produces a short lived waterfall; usually dry the rest of the year.

Virgin River

Zion Canyon, UT

Fall color along the Virgin River in Zion Canyon.

Great White Throne

Zion Canyon, UT

The Great White Throne as seen from Angel's Landing.

The Watchman

Zion Canyon, UT

The Watchman presides over the southern entrance to Zion Canyon.

About the Exhibit:

The natural world is an incredible place. As I explore it with my view camera I am constantly amazed at the varied expressions of beauty and design.

As a child I enjoyed exploring trails and pathways in the forest and along streams to see where they would lead. I think those early pathways of discovery helped lead to my current lifestyle of creative photography.

I recently read that doing art is an excuse to be doing something else you want to do. For me the something else is spending time outdoors. I enjoy getting out into nature with or without the camera, and I would be an outdoorsman even if I were not a photographer. The camera, however; allows me to interpret what I encounter in a way that makes it more real to me. Perhaps it allows me to understand better what I have seen.

The photographer's challenge is to discover a personal response to a particular detail of the landscape. The use of a camera puts edges around the selection and isolates it from the whole. This process of selection and isolation can make an idea or subject come to life in a way unique to photography.

As you spend a few moments looking at these photographs, join me in celebrating the majestic grandeur and intimate beauty of Creation.

About the Photographer:

A recent transplant to Northwest Florida; I've spent the past ten years as a commercial photographer at a studio in Columbus, Ohio. While there I also earned a B.A. degree in Photography from the Ohio State University.

During my time at the studio I served the business community and enjoyed a wonderful mixture of assignments ranging from portraiture, advertising and product work to news and press coverage, architectural and forensic. Over the years I have had the opportunity to photograph various celebrities from the worlds of both politics and entertainment; including a certain President who shall, during this particular moment in history, remain nameless!

While this type of work is fun and exciting at times, my primary interest throughout has been the personal creative 'assignment from within' accomplished exclusively with a large format camera in color and black and white. In this way I make images that mean something to me and if I'm lucky, to others as well. My subject matter is usually the natural scene; landscapes and details found in nature. The locations I choose are places I would visit even without a camera. I love the out of doors and would be hiking, biking, skiing, climbing or just exploring even if I was not a photographer. As a kid I loved walking on trails in the woods. I was fascinated with the narrow paths that led to somewhere; I guess I'm still following them.

To see more examples of my landscape images, please visit my website
Scott Walton Photographs.

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