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Unique Expressions, extraordinary digital landscapes by Steve Berlin

NOTE: this exhibit appeared in November 1998. Click here to visit the current showcase.

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Note: For best viewing, set your monitor to 16-bit color. All images are the property of Steve Berlin. You may not download any images except for personal use on your personal computer or if you will be posting them on your personal, non-commercial website. If you do post them on your personal, non-commercial website, you must provide a link to this site and a notice that the images may not be further copied from your personal website. The images cannot be further distributed in any way. If you have great images of the West which you'd like to show to the world, please contact us

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The Vortex

A Maguari stork descends into a vortex. This image has been used and written about by over 20 magazines and was the main showpiece for Kinetix when presenting 3D Studio Max. The stork was shot at the Phoenix zoo, and the background is a photo from Lake Powell.

Karn's World

A huge reflector shows an interesting view of downtown Los Angeles, California. The pyramids reveal that this might be an alien landing zone in an Aztec civilization. Karin is the glorious God of Gold.

Misty day at Bridalveil falls

A row of field generators float upon the water near Bridal Veil falls, Yosemite, California.

Zion Departure, 2020

A spacecraft emerges from an underground hanger and departs to inspect the glory of Zion National Park.

Portal into Kolob Canyon

Atomic spheres guard a portal into Zion National Park along Kolob Canyon Reservoir.

Lord of Powell

The Lord of a futuristic society watches the world through his hovering sphere. Photo shot in Lake Powell, Utah. The mountain range was shot in Alberta, Canada.


Huge spheres of water are carried over the ominous hoodoos at Bryce Canyon National Park.

Speed of Light

A spacecraft is driven from its origin on a descent to Earth. Photos are taken from downtown Los Angeles and Alberta, Canada.


Video Dromes

Three video dromes project an image of Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, California. Water powers the futuristic devices that reflect our current world.


The chromatic gate in Santa Barbara, California is a teleportation device charged with lightning to bring voyagers from the Earth into space.


Antelope-Corkscrew Canyon is one of the most unique and awesome views in the United States. Rays of light pour through the cavern top for approximately 45 minutes and create beautiful orange-red colors.

Blue Mood

Cathedral Rock at Sedona, Arizona, nearing sunset along Oak Creek Canyon.


Large white sandstone formations gleem in the sun in a slot canyon at Lake Powell, Utah. Photo was shot with a super wide-angle only 15 ft from the rocks.

About the Artist:

Steve on photography --- "Photography is an art of passion and expression. It provides me with the ability to capture nature's amazing landscapes and wildlife on film. While I am photographing, I feel at peace with nature, and it is during these moments that I begin to better understand the world and my place within in."

Steve is recently becoming known for his unique style in capturing landscape, wildlife, and digital images. He has been published in numerous magazines and has also produced front cover shots for Samsonite, Video Systems, and the Science Teacher. He soon hopes to publish a book on photography as well as a photographic/digital fantasy calendar. Steve primarily uses his Canon 35mm format gear for his work, but also uses a Fuji GA645 and Olympus XA.

Steve resides in California with his lovely wife, Leslie, and their almost-human poodle, Truffle. He is extremely fortunate to have a wife who is also interested in photography and travels the country with him in search of finding new scenes to shoot and places to visit. He makes his living as a computer programmer and trainer, writing pop music songs, and by selling his images.

For a more comprehensive look at Steve's works, visit his galleries on the web at You can also contact Steve at

About the Exhibit:

For the past two years I have found that creating digital images from photographic stills is one of the most exciting as well as novel concepts there is in this ever changing field. While simply taking photographs is rewarding, revamping them into a digital work is much more interesting and difficult because the final presentation MUST allow the audience to believe in it even though it is fiction. The idea of creating an involved and intricate story or scene from a photograph is truly one of the most state of the art processes in all of art!

For the past two years I have formed a partnership with Ray Fischer, a graphic artist attending the University of Washington's Interdisciplinary Visual Art program. The process begins by selecting an interesting place to photograph and then creating that photo so that it lends itself to become something even better. This first part is harder than taking photos of nice places since you must visualize a final product that will be very different than the original photo.

Together, Ray and I will work on an idea from the photo and then experiment by using programs such as Bryce3D, PhotoShop, and Kaišs Power Tools. This process can sometimes take several months to get the result that we are looking for.

This exhibit shows three of my favorite and most successful scenic shots and nine of my digital works. All of the digital images were created by myself and Ray Fischer with the exception of The Vortex, which was a collaboration with Daniel Manahan using 3D Studio Max.

"Most good digital graphics do not need an explanation since they alone should provide the audience with a story". Some of the descriptions below are thoughts and ideas we had while creating the final products.

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