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More Fantastic Stone Creatures - by Laurent Martres

NOTE: this exhibit appeared in December 2006. Click here to visit the current showcase.

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Hoodoo Central

A minboggling collection of hoodoos, stacked up in a remote canyon.


Hoodoo Afternoon

Fantastic Hoodoos appear glistening red in the late-afternoon light.


Furry Feet

A lovely abstract, playing with eroded clay beds in a a cool light.



This spectacular caprock seems to defy gravity.



A whimsical digital transform of sandstone and pothole. Credit for the idea goes to Philippe Schuler.


Manta Ray

One of those magical sea animals that keep challenging my imagination.



Great birds fly over an eerie landscape.



A delicate formation with a fine shape.


Sea Creature

Another creature arisen from an ancient seabed.


Towers of Silence

Elegant stone warriors stand guard in a remote canyon.


Jewel Rock

Cleanly polished rock, served on a bed of sandstone.


Gnomes Rising

These whimsical gnomes are just waking up from a cold night.


Body Found

An alien body was found in a remote area of the Grand Staircase. Kane Country authorities are investigating...



More sea animals.


Pod 1

A beautiful stone creature in afternoon light.

The beasties go to bed

Last ray of sun before the land goes to skleep.

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Please note:  All images featured in this showcase are Copyright ©Laurent Martres, all rights reserved. These images are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and may not be used or reproduced without permission. For licensing information, or to order prints, please contact me at

About the Exhibit:

In December 2001, while researching my book Photographing the Southwest, I presented a showcase entitled "Hoodoos & Other Fantastic Stone Creatures". Well here are more interesting stone creatures I visited or revisited since then. I hope you'll have fun with these exotic-looking hoodoos and strange rocks. Enjoy.

About the Photographer:

I'm the author of Land of the Canyons and Photographing the Southwest, a Photographer's Guide to the natural landmarks of the Southwest.

Find photos of the Southwest and Colorado Plateau in Photographing the Southwest and Land of the Canyons, the Photo Trip USA landscape photography guidebooks.  


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