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What's in "Photographing the Southwest"?

Photographing the Southwest is the result of author Laurent Martrès' 20 years of experience in exploring and photographing the Southwest. These guidebooks allow a wide range of people (from car-based families to extreme hikers and from casual point-&-shootists to advanced amateur photographers) to find the best places to see and photograph. The best location, the most beautiful angle and the best time of the day will be just as useful for the non-photographer.

  • Where, when and how! Find the best places, get the best shots!
  • Great information for everyone; no need to be a photographer
  • for car-based families to extreme hikers, point-&-shootists to advanced photographers
  • Lots of travel tips not usually found in traditional guidebooks
  • Valuable tips on composition, exposure and hard-to-shoot scenery
  • Hundreds of locations, including the best spots and how to get there
  • All the major national parks, monuments and state parks
  • Spectacular "off the beaten track" locations outside the parks
  • Rock art and early Native American dwellings
  • Clear and precise indications provided for hard-to-find sites
  • High-quality B&W photographs by eleven top photographers
  • Preface by master photographer Tom Till
Why two volumes?

The sheer amount of textual and pictorial content would make it impractical to print a single book... as well as to carry it in the field. A glance at the book immediately reveals the large amount of informatiom. Also, there is a 3rd Volume in the works...

Click on the cover images below to see what's in each volume.

What's in " Land of the Canyons"?

Our " Land of the Canyons " guidebook is available in three languages (English, German and French). It is essentially a subset of " Photographing the Southwest ". Content is limited to Southern Utah & Northern Arizona. It is a less expensive alternative (of the same high standards of quality), easier to carry in the field and well-suited to short car-based trips.

What makes them different from other guidebooks?

Our guidebooks have a "visual" approach. They group all the sites presenting an obvious pictorial interest under various geographical areas. This helps you previsualize them, thanks to a concise description and abundant illustrations - an important requirement for quality photography. They not only show you how to get there, they offer tips on how and when to take the best possible pictures. They intentionally leave out standard guidebook material such as food and lodging, as this is best found in generic travel guidebooks.

How do I use them?

It 's very likely you've already planned a general itinerary with the help of a traditional guidebook. The Southwest is so rich in extraordinary landscapes that it's impossible to see them all in one trip, unless you have lots of time on your hands. Our PhotoTripUSA™ guidebooks are organized regionally so that you may target a specific geographic area. Our CD-ROMs offer additional help in choosing the best location to suit your interests. We strongly encourage you to order them.

But I'm not really a photographer...

If you're not a photographer, you'll find in this book lots of information that more traditional guides leave out. The most beautiful angle and the best time of the day to view a site are equally as valuable for seeing with your own eyes as for photography. This book is for everyone with a passion for the Southwest.

How do I know the content is worthwhile?

I am proud of the quality of information contained in the guides and I'm confident it will meet your expectations. I have received hundreds of e-mails thanking me for the quality of the information in my books. I also hear it constantly from people I meet eveywhere..I know you won't be disappointed by the books, however I understand it can be tough to make a decision without holding the actual book in your hand. You can read an entire chapter in the form of a PDF file to get a feel for the quality and depth of these guidebooks. Also, check the pages for readers' comments and sales ranking on Volume 1 and comments and sales ranking on Volume 2.

Where can I buy?

If you are an individual, you can get Photographing the Southwest and Land of the Canyons at the following outlets:

at many fine independent bookstores across the country

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