Roulette Wheel

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This photo is a double exposure -- that is, two pictures were taken of the exact same subject. The reason for this is because the difference between the interior and the exterior light are too broad to get an accurate exposure in one shot. So, I took two exposures on the same frame of film: one for the interior, and the other for the exterior. In the first picture, I put a black panel over the Window to block the "bright" light, which left me just the roulette wheel and the rest of the interior. With a black rectangle on the film where the window was, I then removed the panel and shot the second exposure, metering entirely for the outside light. This had the effect of filling in the black square on the film where the panel was. Because it's so bright outside, the fast shutter speed properly exposed it, yet didn't leave enough time for that light to ruin the previously exposed interior part of the image. In fact, what it did do was provide just enough to highlight the wall, making the image look "complete."

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