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Laurent Martrès, author/photographer of Photographing the Southwest and Land of the canyons
leads regular workshops for Worldview Photo Experience. Please consult their web site.

Speaking Engagements

Laurent Martrès is an experienced and enthusiastic presenter, capable of creating an excellent rapport with an audience. He gives regular presentations to photo clubs, art associations, bookstores, REI stores, etc.. Laurent has a new, highly educational and entertaining PowerPoint presentation.

Laurent can animate discussions around the following subjects:

- "Photographing the Southwestern landscape". This session is centered around the "Photographic advice" chapter of Laurent's books. To give a few specific examples, we discuss how to use reflected light, how to photograph slot canyons, sand dunes, water reflections, photographing on river trips, maximizing depth-of-field, film vs. digital and much more...

- "How to produce gyclées from your art", which covers scanning, Photoshop techniques, color management, fine art papers, mounying and framing, canvas, varnishing, limited editions, you and the law, etc.. Although this workshop is geared toward fine artists, it can be easily adapted to photographers.

- "How to successfully sell your work at art shows". An in-depth exploration of what it takes to move to the next level and sell photography to private patrons and decorators as a full-time business. In this workshop, Laurent shares is 80+ show experience as a very successful artist, exhibiting at the top juried art shows in the West.

Call for fees and bookings.


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