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   V O L U M E  3  - C O L O R A D O  &    N E W  M E X I C O    

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Photographing the Southwest 2nd Edition - Vol. 3
a Guide to the Natural Landmarks of
Colorado & New Mexico

A must for everyone with a Passion for the Southwest!

This is a Downloadable PDF eBook, NOT a physical book


  • Entirely rewritten; all color; tons of new material
  • 272 pages of great information for everyone; no need to be a photographer
  • 200+ full color photographs, to previsualize most of the sites
  • Hundreds of locations, including the best spots and how to get there
  • All the major national parks, monuments and state parks
  • "Off the beaten track" locations outside the parks
  • Rock art and early Native American dwellings
  • Clear and precise directions provided for seldom seen and hard-to-find sites
  • Lots of travel tips not usually found in traditional guidebooks
  • Where, when and how to get the best shots
  • Valuable tips on composition, exposure and hard-to-shoot scenery
  • Bonus Texas chapter
  • Comprehensive ratings for each location (interest, difficulty, etc.) 

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