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"Your photography guide to Utah and Arizona is terrific!! We found it invaluable!."
-Marjorie Carr, Ada MI

"I enjoyed the images on your site, and the quality was very good."
-William Neill Photography, El Portal CA

"I appreciate what you have created with your web site PhotoTripUSA"
-Robert Farber

"Thank you for your wonderful work in presenting the work that you do! I engoyed seing Slavomir's images. Cheers."
-Marc Muench, Santa Barbara, CA

"Hi Laurent. Just thought I'd drop you a line to say how much I like your images. Hope to continue seeing more!"
-Lynn Radeka, Orange County, CA

"I particularly enjoyed the Intimate Landscapes this month. We teach simplicity in our workshops and this exhibit is the perfect example. Often individuals are fixed on the overall vista and they do not get 'close enough' to their real target subjects to do them justice. Thanks for bringing this work to all of us."
-Lonnie Brock, Scottsdale, AZ

"I just wanted to comment on your book. I recently traveled the 'Grand Circle,' with photography as my focus and your book was an indispensable part of my photographic itinerary. The proof is in my prints. I used your advice with respect to place and time, etc., and you were on the money. I recommended your book to many people on my trip and just wanted to let you know that it's exactly what I was looking for. Hope to be back there real soon. Good shooting!"
-Michael Ryan, Bogota, NJ

"A fine little spiral-bound volume, with black-and-white photos and lots of concise information for exploring and photographing Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches and Capitol Reef national parks and other slick-rock and slot-canyon wonders of the southwest."
-Los Angeles Times

"Every Canyon Country traveler will appreciate having this handy guide along. It will lead you to the most exciting and photogenic spots in the American Southwest, and help you to bring back fabulous photographs."
-The Black Rabbit Catalog

"You've got to have this book!"
-Robert Hitchman, Photograph America Newsletter

"A camera buddy named Gene just turned me onto your site and the photos are so beautiful that it brings tears to my eyes! Thank you very much!"
-Lynn Tasman, New York City, NY

"We used your book a lot, especially at Bryce, and because of your recco's, saw some beautiful sights we surely would have missed otherwise. I wanted to thank you myself for making our trip more enjoyable."
-Jerry Meyers, WI

"The various galleries you present are outstanding! I must admit that you pick your gallery photographers very well. Keep up the phenomenal work!"
-Chris Jacobson, Redmond, WA

"I recently read and re-read your "Land of the Canyons" guide and it was indispensable on my southwest Utah trip. It has also whetted my appetite to explore all the places in the book, and I am recommending your guide to several friends."
-Ross Martin, Seattle, WA

"I enjoy visiting and viewing often. Thank you for hosting. As both an ameteur photographer and a Web professional, I admire your site."
-Bill Heerman, Lawrenceville, GA

"Your Sentinels of Stone show is outstanding! Some great images that do justice to the awesomeness of the locations. Makes me want to jump in the van and go!"
-Greg Vaughn, Eugene, OR

"Selecting the "best" title, subscription, or software is no less challenging than must be selecting the IOTM. I will be most pleased to receive Phototrip USA's "Land of the Canyons" guidebook of the Colorado Plateau. That title and subject matter hold great interest to me, as does the PhotoTripUSA site and the monthly photo exhibits it contains. Much to be learned, much beauty to explore, understand, and share, plus a location in my own back yard, as it were, which will make "Land of the Canyons" particularly useful to me!
-Bob Cleary, Littleton, CO

"I have read your book 'Land of the Canyons' a MUST reading for anybody who is going to the Colorado Plateau. I have recommended and given copies of the book to many of my friends. Good luck with the book. Though in my own greed I hope many people do not read your book. Your description was in wonderful detail which would entice more people to visit the Colorado plateau."
-Jerry Rosenfeld, Huntington Woods, MI

"Again, another beautiful showcase. Keep up the good work. It is a joy to look at and study all of the fine photography presented in your galleries."
-Chris Jacobson, Bellevue, WA

"Thanks for the great web site. I used it exhaustively when making trip plans."
-Matthew Thompson, San Antonio, Tx

"Just a line to let you know my wife & I made a trip out to Arches & Canyonlands this past fall. Your book proved invaluable."
-Martin Kullen, Stoughton, MA

"I accidently came across this wonderful site while doing some last minute research on Death Valley. I am very impressed with the featured photographer - great images. I am book marking this site and will look at it again when I come back from the Valley. I really need to send this site to a few fellow nature photographers - it's a find! Thank God for the net. What a resource."
-Mike Unold, Brooklyn, NY

"I just want to tell you how much I love your photo gallery. My husband and I belong to a photography club in So. Calif. the F Stops. We see a great many wonderful images at club and enjoy sharing ours also. The images on your web site are so large and sharp, with wonderful color. I would like to know what means you use to put the images onto the web site. Most sites have very small images or thumbnails and even if you can enlarge them the quality is poor and grainy. We pass on your web site URL to all our friends and use some of the shots as references for good place to shoot when we taking pictures out in the field. I loved the Gallery on the volcanos of Hawaii. The Hawaiian Islands is my favorite place on earth. Keep up the spectacular work."
-A. Gaasch, So.Calif. F Stops Camera Club

"We really loved the photo of the Golden Cathedral! You managed to get a spectacular shot."
-Red Rock & Llamas, Boulder, UT

"I just wanted to thank you for the site. The photography is fantastic."
-Dave Yuhas and Christine Krenzel, CPA

"Hi Laurent, your latest series is great, I really love "Heart of the Dunes", and "Koan" blows me away also!"
-Jeff Alu, Burbank, CA

"Just purchased the second edition of Land of the Cyns. Excellent!! New photos are superb."
-Stephen Peterson, Salt Lake City, UT

"I just got done looking at the 14 page PDF version of your book Land of the Canyons. The PDF photos looked wonderful."
-Tony Kuyper

"Thank you for your wonderful photographies. we enjoyed it much...."
-IBM MediaLab, Hamburg, Germany

"I compliment you on the wonderful work you have displayed here. I enjoyed looking at it immensely."
-Rick AZ Colt, AZ

"I enjoy looking at all the fine images that you present each month on your website. I also wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your book Land of the Canyons. I find it very informative and the information extremely accurate."
-Frank Serafini, Arizona State University

"I enjoyed looking through your site. Excellent photography."
-Larry Malvin Photography

"What a great website! The photographs are outstanding. This is the kind of company I like to keep. How do I get some of my images onto your site?"
-Paul Rose

"Awesome photos this month! Congrats to the photographer!"
-Julia Karet, Claremont, CA

"I found to be a very well done piece of art. The site is easy to use and well thought out."
-Ronald G. Warfield, Eatonville, WA

"You are really good photographer. Your photos about the canyons are great! I download some of them and show them to my students, they found those pictures are really fantastic! I am a geography teacher in Hong kong. Thank you."
-CHAN Tak Hang, Hong Kong

"The peace and joy and well-being that these photos bring is priceless. You do such wonderful work. I love it. I do pass it on and perhaps one day will be able to purchase and add my commercial support as well as spiritual joy to this endeavor. Many blessings to you."
=Maureen J. Quinn, via email

"Thank you, thank you for your wonderful photos. I've been coming to your site regularly for, well, for years now! You really are terrific, and thank you, very much."
-Robin (no last name), via email

"Excellent showcase, once again."
-Dan Heller, CA

"I sure enjoyed looking at your shots - They are beautiful!"
-Mary Saxton, via email

"My goodness. I am overwhelmed by the beauty in these photos. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful photos.They are some of the best I have seen."
=M Riggs, via email

"I was overwhelmed by your wonderful site, and the beautiful photography."
-Jerry Martinez, via email

"Your photos are great. When are you going to have another CD available for purchase?"
-Jerry Theimer, Leavenworth, WA

"The quality of images on your site are quite exceptional. I particularly enjoyed the comments that go with each image, makes for some fine and refreshing reading. I will be coming back for sure."
-Adam Gibbs, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I just took another look at the volcanoes showcase. It is by far the most surreal display I have ever seen. Those images are incredible."
-Gene Mezereny, Upland, CA

"I just wanted to mention how much I enjoy your site. There are always great images and great resources. Thanks for being a quality part of the net."
- Ryan Desjardin, Seattle, WA

"I really enjoy your book and use it often. I recommend it to everyonewho asks about photographing in southern Utah."
-af, via email

"It's always nice to get you emailings with those great pix!"
-Tom Nalevanko, Camarillo, CA

"I am very impressed, and somewhat envious, with the researching and publishing work you are doing. What a way to make a living!! Cruz around the outback of Utah, taking pictures, and writing. My kind of job! (s)"
-John Melton, Tucson, AZ

"Please send my thanks to Scott walton for sharing his stunning photographs! And thanks to you for making them available to the whole world. Magnificent! "
-Jerry Sherman, Charlotte, NC

"Your work is simply breathtaking. I've never actually been to the Grand Canyon, or any of these spectacular places, that is 'physically'. My sprit, however, wanders constantly across these arid wonderlands, places where each minute a new canvas of color and contrast appear bringing beauty and a sense of peace to those who choose to feel it. Thank you."

"I think you have the best pictures I have seen on the net also of my favorite part of the country. We are planning a extended trip to the area around Bryce Canyon in the early fall of 1999. By the way, what camera do you use? These pictures are great."
-Wayne Meddley, Malvern, AK

"Great images! It made me want to head back down to Utah. All the images were very nice, but I really liked some of your more abstract images."
-Kerry Thalman, Beaverton, OR

"I compliment you on the wonderful work you have displayed here. I enjoyed looking at it immensely."
-Rick AZ, Colt, AZ

"I would like to compliment you on a fantastic web site and showcase. Also, the products you provide are wonderful."
-Brian D. Riebesell,Colorado Springs, CO

"Checked out the site. Very Nice and an impressive portfolio from Gary."
-Lon Overacker

"Awesome stuff - keep up the great work."

"Very nice website! I enjoyed looking at the showcases.."
-David Lawrence

"I enjoy seeing each of the new showcases as they are published. Considering that this is not an income producing site with advertisers you are doing a great job of pulling together quality photography."
-Terry Thompson

"Just wanted to thank you for the great pictures. I have them on my desktop at work and so many people comment on how beautiful they are."
-Jodi Kolarik, WI

"Very nice!"
-Mary Pat Steiger, AK

"Je suis allé voir de plus près tes photos sur le Web et je dois te dire combien j'ai été touché par ce que j'ai vu. J'aime ta manière assez 'serrée' et 'économe' de cadrer. C'est peut-être moins une question de cadrage qu'une certaine qualité de distance (ou de proximité) par rapport au sujet. C'est assez serré but not intrusive, if you see what I mean. Une proximité respectueuse en quelque sorte."
-Laurent Sauerwein, Paris, France

"Voici plusieurs mois j'ai commandé votre guide et le CD Rom du pays des canyons, avec mon épouse, nous avons visité de nouveau cet été cet admirable région. Je suis moi aussi photographe mais amateur ... j'ai ramené quelques belles images en suivant les indications de votre guide, particulière utile sur les horaires favorables en fonction des lieux, ce qui est impossible d'imaginer avant d'avoir été sur place, j'avais donc pu organiser mon séjour en fonction de ces conseils."
-Gérard Duminil, Nice, France

"Thanks for your tips in making better pictures."
-Ing. Martin Landler, Bad Vöslau, Österreich

"J'ai réellement admiré vos magnifiques photos sur les dunes de l'ouest américain...Je trouve que les photos que vous réalisez vous même dans les showcase sont de plus en plus belles chaque année et atteignent dorénavant un caractère artistique digne d'un David Muench. Sincèrement bravo !."
-Philippe Schuler, Paris, France

"J'ai recu ton livre la semaine passée. Félicitations !! il est vraiment très bien fait, simple et contient plein d'infos, adresses etc...Je me réjouis de découvrir encore plus d'endroits grâce à ton bouquin."
-Laurent-Ali Eichenberger, Boulder, CO

"Extraordinaires... ces photos des volcans. C'est vraiment magnifique, et quel sport!"
-Patrick Binet, France

"Nous avons beaucoup apprécié votre guide des canyons."
-Anne Pimont, France

"Juste un petit mot rapide pour vous remercier des superbes photos publiées sur le site PhotoTripUSA. Elles permettent de voyager dans la tête."
-Fabienne Petit, Grenoble, France

"Kerry Thalmann's images in your gallery are excellent. Keep it up."
-Cap Kellog, via e-mail 

"Juste pour vous indiquer que votre bouquin "Land of the Canyons" est fantastique. Il est concis tout en étant bien articulé... Superbe à tous les niveaux. Merci!"
-Charles Miquelon, Canada

"Just had to write to say "I loved your web page"
-Drew & Patricia Irving

"Bravo pour votre site internet! Il invite ò la discussion et ò l'échange.
-Martin Lebeuf, Montreal, Canada

Find photos of the Southwest and Colorado Plateau in Photographing the Southwest and Land of the Canyons, the Photo Trip USA landscape photography guidebooks.

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